WHITE BEAR TOWNSHIP – Water Gremlin announced it will voluntarily cease coating operations that involve the use of dichloroethane (DCE) until a vapor mitigation system is installed and operational at its facility. The company has also committed to voluntarily accelerate additional testing on the property that was scheduled for a later time to get that information to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) as quickly as possible. DCE is a solvent Water Gremlin uses for coating battery terminals to prevent batteries from leaking.

Recent testing found DCE vapors beneath Water Gremlin’s manufacturing building, which prompted the MPCA to request that the company voluntarily cease operations involving DCE. Water Gremlin notified the MPCA Tuesday, Aug. 20, of its decision to comply following a Monday meeting with MPCA Commissioner Laura Bishop and her staff.

“While we disagree with some of the MPCAs conclusions, we appreciate the commissioner and her staff for taking the time to meet with us to see first-hand the steps we are taking to improve our environmental performance,” said Junya Inoue, president of Water Gremlin. “Our decision to temporarily discontinue the use of DCE at our facility is based on our respect for the MPCA and its request for us to do so. We want our neighbors to know that the DCE vapors are limited to the air space immediately beneath our building and do not pose a risk to our employees, neighbors or the environment.”

Water Gremlin is installing a vapor mitigation system – like a home radon system – and will resume its use of DCE after the system is operational.

Founded in White Bear Township in 1949, Water Gremlin employs approximately 340 people and manufactures fishing sinkers and battery terminals that are distributed across the globe. Learn more about the company and the steps it is taking to improve its environmental performance by visiting Wgupdates.com.

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