Building changes may be in the future for Mora schools. The district has chosen Johnson Controls, a building efficiency company with a location in Duluth, out of a select handful of companies, to compile information within the school district. Six separate groups of people met with Johnson Controls in the past week to begin idea forming.

The first group who met on Oct. 5 were school administration, school board members, a custodian and a cook representative.

After the meeting with this group, Johnson Controls gave a few tours of building improvements that they have made to other local schools including the Hinckley and Milaca school districts. The following day, Johnson Controls met with two separate groups of students (grades 9-12) and some teachers during the school day to help form, organize and respond to many diverse ideas of upgrades the schools would need in order to have a more efficient and education-friendly school district.

Of the students, there were a few popular ideas which included some that had little to do with building changes. Some of these included having a healthier lunch, a longer lunch and a safer student crossing to the parking lot. The most favored ideas that involved building changes were a new field house, a bigger high school parking lot and a new high school gymnasium. Later that night, community members got their chance to meet with Johnson Controls. The next step in the process is for Johnson Controls to compile all the information it collected from those groups to print charts to show the district's strengths and weaknesses.

A notion could be made within two to three years depending on community support and of course any costs. Building changes may come in the future, but right now only baby steps are being taken.

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