Piqued my Pinterest: Kid-friendly St. Patrick’s Day

Homemade mint milkshakes, cereal bars, and a leprechaun trap can let the kids in on the St. Patrick’s Day fun. 


St. Patrick’s Day is widely known as the day to drink green beer and eat corned beef and cabbage.  But for those of us with kids at home, there’s a whole world of creativity and folklore to explore.  

Since the leprechaun who visits our house is running out of tricks, I turned to Pinterest for more ideas.  I also found some yummy treats I couldn’t pass on making. Here are some ways to make St. Patrick’s Day special with your family.

Leprechaun Mischief

Every year since my oldest kids were little, a leprechaun has turned our milk green on St. Patty’s Day. The kids have grown tired of this old trick. 

Luckily, Pinterest is full of ideas for that little man to step up his game. This year he may turn the tap water green, hide their shoes along with some treats or streak the windows with paint. 

And he’ll probably still turn the milk green. It is a tradition, after all. 

Leprechaun Traps

We’ve never set a trap for our leprechaun, but Pinterest has inspired us to do so this year. There are some wildly creative ideas for leprechaun traps. 

We went a very simple route using a decorated box, a pencil-and-string “trigger” and a cup of “gold” (candy).   Since we’re not likely to be awake, we plan to tie the string to one of the candies.  The plan is that the leprechaun will grab the candy, set off the trigger and we’ll have the little guy trapped before he can cause any mischief. 

And if legend is right, we’ll get rewarded with a pot of gold and some wishes granted!

A Lucky Twist on Cereal Treats

This recipe uses Lucky Charms cereal in place of rice cereal for an even sweeter cereal bar.  Following the directions given, we found them to be extra gooey.  They were great when kept in the refrigerator, but we might use more cereal next time. 

Homemade Shamrock Shakes

Who isn’t guilty of indulging in these minty shakes every March?  The recipe I found on Pinterest drastically cuts down the calories and fat content by using frozen yogurt and skim milk so you can enjoy it with a lot less guilt.  It’s also much easier on the wallet to treat the whole family this way.

Here’s wishing you lucky St. Patrick’s Day!  For these ideas and more, visit me on Pinterest.  

Amanda Hollen is a realtor who enjoys crafting in her spare time. Check out her pins on Pinterest at pinterest.com/amandahollen. These projects can be found on the “Isanti-Chisago County Star Pinspiration” Board.


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