The Forest Lake School Board, at its Sept. 5 meeting, approved action on the superintendent future contract.

The current three-year contract with Superintendent Steve Massey will expire on June 30, 2020. The contract specifies that the superintendent will contact each member of the school board after July 1, 2019, to indicate a desire to know whether the board intends to extend his contract.

Superintendent Massey did make that request of board members, and subsequently, the district did elect to offer a renewal contract to the superintendent and will enter into negotiations with him on the details of that contract. 

In other actions, the board: 

• Accepted $33,477.48 in cash and gifts during the past month. Highlights include $13,122.20 worth of game-day uniforms for the high school football players from the Forest Lake Football Boosters; $12,450.03 from the Forest Lake Football Boosters for three 9th grade football coaches; $5,519.14 from the Forest Lake Volleyball Boosters to hire an assistant coach and $1,352.85 in dictionaries for the Scandia Elementary 3rd grade Word-a-Day program from the Scandia Marine Lions.

• Approved the agreement with Balance Point Strategy (BPS) to conduct the annual review of the district's health plan for a total cost of $2,667, including a 33.3% discount. BPS is a Minnesota Specific Benefit Corporation that helps public entities continuously improve their employee health plan management and operations. In conducting their annual strategy review of the district's health plan, BPS will present key quantitative and qualitative observations and comparisons involving as many as six peer-group districts.

• Approved the tax levy calendar, as is the custom at the September meeting. The board will then certify the maximum proposed property tax levy at the Sept. 19 “committee meeting” and certify the proposed levy to the county by Sept. 30, according to Minnesota Department of Revenue and Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) guidelines. During October, the MDE will correct the data. Because districts must conduct a property tax public hearing between Nov. 21 and Dec. 26, the Forest Lake District set the date for its Truth in Taxation hearing for 6 p.m., Dec. 5 in the district office board room. The district will likely certify the final adopted property tax that same evening.

The board next meets 7 p.m., Oct. 3 in the district office board room, 6100 N. 210th St.

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