As a Minnesota Vikings fan, I've been through the ringer. If you're a fan, you know what I'm talking about. But every once in awhile something glorious happens. 

I'm talking about the Vikings win against the Green Bay Packers. What a game it was! Ups and downs, back and forth, and with the way things are going so far this season —  another blown lead.

I was wrong. The Vikings held on and coach Mike Zimmer made the smartest decision of the season. He kept Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on the bench during the last two minutes of the game and Vikings kicker Greg Joseph kicked the game winning field goal with seconds on the clock. A well-deserved game ball for Joseph. 

The rivalry between these two teams is monumental and I have friends who are Packer fans. We have a friendly banter; and to be honest, it's fun when the Vikings win and vice versa for them. 

After the Vikings 34-31 win over the Packers, I was watching the Vikings post game on Fox 9 and during the “Between the Lines” segment, I noticed that Paul Allen, KFAN Vikings play-by play announcer (he's really good), seemed a little bit off. 

Apparently, an unnamed Packers coach approached Allen and told him, “You better not talk into that microphone and give your team any credit.” 

Who says that — especially a coach in the NFL? How can you NOT give the Vikings any credit for winning the game? 

Anyway, Allen said this has never happened to him in his two decades of covering the Vikings. 

“I’m gonna take the high road on it and say I’m very impressed by the Green Bay Packers, finding a way to win eight games despite all those injuries, A-Rodger’s toe, COVID, lying, and everything. I’m not going to say to that coach what I wanted to say like ‘you can go ahead and put Eric Stokes on Justin Jefferson for the rest of his career, and like he did in 2019 when he was with LSU and Stokes was with Georgia, he (Jefferson) killed him, and he killed him today, and he will kill him every single time they meet,” Allen stated. “Best of luck to you guys the rest of the way, and quite honestly, I hope you lose every single freaking game the rest of the year.”

I agree with Allen and I hope they lose. HOPE is a great thing and the bottom line is that the Vikings WON the game, plain and simple. The Packers have had close games this year as well that could have ended up in the losing category. But all that matters is the WIN.

While watching Good Morning Football on the NFL Network the next day, I didn't see the incident with Allen and the Packer's coach reported; but they did show a video of Rodgers talking about how bad his toe hurt. Boo hoo. You want some cheese with that whine? 

I do want to give a shout out to Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins. He has been playing phenomenal and doesn't get the credit he deserves. Maybe that's a good thing for him to stay under the radar because opponents won't see him coming. 


The Vikings face the Packers in Green Bay on Jan. 2 on Sunday Night Football which is the last game of the regular season. Could it be a divisional show down or a must win to get into the playoffs? Will the officiating be a factor? Only time will tell. I just know no matter what happens, I will always be a Vikings fan. 


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