The Forest Lake School Board at its June 6 meeting took the following actions: 

• Formally adopted a resolution to accept donations of cash and gifts totaling $26,611.65 over the past month. The Hallberg Family Foundation donated $1,500 for gates to the high school alpine ski team; the Forest Lake Football Boosters donated $2,557 as a reimbursement for a Hudl subscription; the Forest Lake Football Boosters also donated $9,189.50 to the high school football team for reimbursement of wireless headsets and a smart camera and the Forest Lake Softball Boosters donated $8,389.10 to the high school softball team for two assistant coaches.

• Approved the 2018-2020 Bus Drivers and Bus Aides Agreement, which expired on Labor Day 2018, but was tentatively renewed following board approval until Labor Day 2020.

• Approved the 2017-2019 Supervisor's Employment Agreement, which expired on June 30, 2017 and which was tentatively renewed through June 30, 2019, following ratification by the supervisors.

• Approved bus leasing and purchasing using the Minnesota State Bid Contract. The Transportation Department requested permission to lease 22 new 2020 77-passenger buses from Hoglund Bus Company and to trade five 2004 buses and three 2005 buses while purchasing twelve  2018 77-passenger buses. The district will pay $62,500 per bus, plus tax, title and licensing fees. 

• Awarded the 2019-2020 milk contract to Dean Foods for $73,541. Four bids were received in May.

• Passed a resolution approving the Long-Term Facilities Maintenance Revenue Plan for Intermediate District 916. In 2017, the Minnesota Legislature established a new Long-Term Facilities Maintenance revenue program for school districts to use in capital expenditures and maintenance projects necessary to prevent further erosion of facilities, facility accessibility and health and safety projects. To qualify, school districts must have a 10-year plan adopted by the school board and approved by the commissioner before the proposed levy is certified. The board also approved the Long-Term Facilities Maintenance Revenue Plan for Forest Lake Area Schools.

 • Approved the 2019-2022 agreement with the City of Forest Lake for school resource officer services, with revisions to reflect time served to the district and time served to the city.

 • Approved proposed 2019-2020 School Board meeting dates. By default, the board will meet on two Thursday evenings per month at the district center with the listening session or committee meeting starting at 6 p.m.

 • Certified the district population at 49,889 as of June 6 to the State Demographer for use in future revenue calculation for Community Education. 

• Approved the second 2018-2019 General Fund budget adjustment with no changes to the General Fund anticipated fund balance. Each month, the revenue and expenditure budgets are reviewed and compared to the prior year's budget for trend analysis and program review.

• Conducted the first reading of a recommendation to approve the 2019-20 budget. According to state law, the board must approve a budget prior to June 30, and no funds may be spent from that budget without board approval.

 • Conducted the first reading of E-Learning Days, of which a district may have up to five in one school year.  E-learning days are counted as days of instruction under Minnesota Statute 120A.41., and may only be used during weather-related school cancellations. 

 • Conducted the first reading of Students Participating in National and World Academic Competitions Policy #533, with changes. The policy deals with expenses incurred by competing teams and their coaches.

• Conducted the first reading of Wellness Policy #546, with no changes. All districts participating in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast programs are required by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 to have a wellness policy that includes standards and nutrition guidelines for foods and beverages available to students during the school day, as well as goals to promote nutrition, physical activity and student wellness.

The board next meets 7 p.m. Thursday, June 27, in the district office board room, 6100 N. 210th St.

Loretta Harding

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