Many more people who have family pictures taken include their dogs in the poses. Photographer Kristina Lynn Marshall, owner of Kristina Lynn Photography & Design, has learned a few tricks along the way to get the best shots of those furry friends.

“Dogs are very much like children, and if you make it fun for them, they will behave. I usually keep treats on hand, but I do ask my clients to have treats in case their dog has some finicky eating habits,” Marshall said. “Dogs are easier than children, because they respond to treats better.”

Some of her best dog photography tips include tilting your head, making different sounds, and doing stuff that is out of the ordinary. “You have to do it sporadically and sparingly, because if you break out all of your tricks right away, they catch on,” Marshall said. A combination of giving the dogs treats and using different sounds to keep them interested can make for a fun photo shoot, she noted, adding that it requires a whole lot of patience.

When deciding on a setting for a photo shoot, Marshall will ask her clients what they are looking for. She will then offer location options; sometimes her clients have somewhere else in mind.

“Recently, one of my clients wanted her dogs with flowers in the shoot, and she actually found a wonderful location based on her connections. I’m always open to a certain location, and I will scout the location and make sure the lighting is good and that we have what we need,” Marshall said.

Marshall does professional photography for weddings, high school senior pictures, families, dogs and kids. “I’ll take pictures of pretty much anything,” she said.

Marshall has owned Kristina Lynn Photography & Design since 2009 and has two studio locations. One is in her hometown of Clarion, Iowa, and the other in Stillwater at 118 Chestnut Street E.

“I have clients in Colorado, and I’m going out there this summer. I am willing to travel wherever my client needs me to be,” Marshall said. “I’m definitely not a photographer who stays in the studio all the time.”

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