The Forest Lake Police Department reported the following incidents:

Police were performing a random check of a vehicle on Feb. 5 when they discovered that the plates were listed as impounded due to alcohol. Police removed the plates and advised the driver, a 53-year-old Shafer man, how to obtain new plates. The vehicle was left in the parking lot on Eighth Street NW.

Police were called to a location to conduct a K-9 search of the boys and girls locker rooms at Century Junior High on Feb. 5. The K-9 also sniffed the room used for storage for the ski team. No alerts were given. 

A burglary in progress was reported on the 800 block of 12th Street SW on Feb. 4. The complainant witnessed a male and female tampering with a back door of the apartment building and let themselves inside. Police knocked on the door of the unit, where the two intruders attempted to escape. Police were able to handcuff the two suspects—a 33-year-old Hugo man and a 45-year-old Forest Lake woman. The suspects were searched and police located a small metallic container with several pink, diamond-shaped tablets inside. The suspects were referred to the Washington County Attorney’s Office. 

Police responded to a report of a vehicle on fire on Centennial Drive SW on Feb. 3. Upon arrival, officers found six male parties putting the engine fire out with snow. Three of the males were not with the car and had only stopped to help, while the other three had been riding in the vehicle and reported that a female driver had left the scene. Police ran a registration check which showed the vehicle had been stolen. The three males were taken into custody. Police also located two grams of a white powder substance, which was recovered for testing. 

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