Forest Lake Good Samaritans purchase new bikes for Forest Lake family

President of the Forest Lake Good Samaritans, Mike Kaiser, poses with Braxton and his parents.

One day while perusing Facebook, Mike Kaiser saw a post from a Forest Lake resident mentioning that her son, Braxton’s, bike was stolen. 

“It was nonconfrontational and all, just asking to bring the bike back, no questions asked, but I saw it and it just broke my heart,” said Kaiser, who is the founder and president of the Forest Lake Good Samaritans. 

Kaiser immediately got to texting and emailing community members and  after just a few hours, the Good Samaritans raised enough money to purchase a new bike for the boy. 

After seeing the generous turnout, Kaiser’s wife, Sonja, suggested that they purchase bikes for the boy’s parents, so the whole family could go on bike rides together. 

The family who received the bikes are new to the area and mentioned to the Kaisers that they had heard the term “Minnesota Nice” before but truly felt the sentiment after receiving the new bicycles. 

“It was the perfect family to help. They just moved here, and we found out the mother has a rare autoimmune illness that can be expensive to manage, so we wanted to help out,” said Kaiser. 

Good Samaritans of Forest Lake hope that actions like this will create a welcoming community for everyone and inspire folks to spread more kindness. 


Staff Writer Corinne Stremmel can be reached by calling 651-407-1226 or emailing

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