The Forest Lake School Board took the following actions at its February meeting:

• By a vote of 6-0 (Board Member Gail Theisen absent) accepted $8,097 in cash donations over the past month, along with folders, notebooks and dry erasers from Jessica Riggs of Forest Lake for the Forest View Elementary Kindergarten classroom. Cash donations include $1,000 from Debbie Chauss to pay off negative accounts in the food service program; $5,000 from the Hallberg Family Foundation for the high school hockey program; $300 from the Stacy Knights of Columbus for the high school music department and $1,797 from Forest Hills United Methodist Church for children's meals with the food service program.

• Changed the name of the Area Learning Center to Forest Lake Area Community School. A committee made up of its principal, teachers, parents, students, Superintendent Steve Massey and school board member Jill Olson determined that the current title describes the type of school Area Learning Center is, but does not give a distinct or unique name to the school. The Forest Lake Area Community School offers several programs, including the day school, extended day, summer school and credit recovery. The committee selected the new name from a number of options.

• Approved policy 531 dealing with student transportation safety with changes as recommended by the district's Transportation Department. The purpose of the policy is to provide safe transportation for students and to educate students about safety issues as well as the responsibilities of school bus ridership.

• Approved policy 541, which deals with bullying, with no changes. The purpose of this policy is to assist the district in its goal of preventing and responding to acts of bullying, intimidation, violence, reprisal, retaliation and other similar disruptive behavior.

• Approved policy 425 on harassment and violence with changes recommended by the Minnesota School Board Association. The purpose of this policy is to maintain a learning and working environment that is free from harassment and violence to any person on any basis. This policy requires annual review.

• Approved policy #430 regarding transportation employees’ use of drugs and alcohol with changes recommended by the district's Transportation Department. All district transportation employees whose positions require a commercial driver's license will be required to undergo drug and alcohol testing in accordance with federal law and the provisions of this policy.

The board next meets at 7 p.m. March 7 in the district office board room, 6100 N. 210th St., Forest Lake.

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