We kick off the voting stage of our Best of The Press contest July 14. We want you to recognize your favorite local businesses and services by casting a vote. A primary goal of the contest is to help bring visibility to our local businesses and spur our local economy.  

When our lives were changed last year, we learned to appreciate the local people who do so much to make our community a great place to live. There are many ways we can continue to support them. Nominating and voting for them as the best at what they do is a simple, meaningful gesture.   

Since we started the contest, people and business have asked how we choose the winners. The answer is - we don’t, our readers do. It comes down to a solid online voting package that’s used throughout the country. A few businesses did not like that they could not pay to win this contest.  

Voting is super active– readers will be able to vote once every 24 hours.  The ballot will be in the same spot, at presspubs.com/citizen/bestof. When voting closes on Aug. 8 we will tally the results and prepare a special section of the Press to announce the winners the week of Sept. 29  

What do the winners get? We will provide a certificate and window cling to the winners and a logo that the person or business can use to promote themselves online and in print. More importantly, they have tangible proof that their customers and people in the community think they are the best. Bragging rights are fun, especially as many businesses have fought to survive the past year.  

The entire contest will be conducted online. There are no paper ballots. The contest is meant to be a good-natured, fun way to recognize all of the little things that make our area special. Please join me in taking some time to vote for your favorites. We need your votes so they can be considered as a Readers Choice Best of the Press. What I love about the Best of the Press is we are working hard to keep this hyper-local, and it’s up to you, the readers, to determine the winners. So go to presspubs.com/white_bear/bestof, and vote for the businesses you love in this community. 


Workers needed 

Local workers are beginning to go back into the office environment. It might be a good idea to take it slow, as many lives and work habits have changed over the past year. I know I am thankful to reduce my screen time on the dreaded video conference calls. Looking back and thinking about the pruning process with trees and plants, pruning can often yield fuller leaves or more fruit. Many businesses have learned this too, and how to operate with less staff and less revenue. Thankfully, many businesses are now booming. The harvest is great and they can’t keep up with demand. Help wanted signs are up all over town. Businesses need workers at all levels, from entry-level positions to those requiring specialized training. Many businesses are offering hefty referral or signing bonuses and willing to offer more flexibility.  

It’s a great time for new workers to get a first job. And for those contemplating getting back into the workforce or a career change, now may be the time. Perhaps a job closer to home or one that provides some flexibility is more appealing than going back to an office cube. If you are a jobseeker, check out our classified section in this week’s paper or our job board at presspubs.com for local jobs. 


Carter Johnson is publisher of Press Publications.

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