Volunteerism alive and well in Hugo

I recently experienced the honor of being selected as Hugo Good Neighbor of 2021 by the Hugo Lions Club as part of the annual Good Neighbor Days celebration. 

I had the opportunity to be with and observe several Lions Club members over a few days. The term “Lions Serve” is so very true. Through the heat of the days and late into the evenings, the Lions members and volunteers organized a parade safely attended by thousands of people and with no incidents. The dances, rib contest, beer garden, games, etc. staffed by Lions members and volunteers provided entertainment and fun for thousands more people. 

Volunteerism is alive and well in Hugo. Business sponsors provide support to help assure a beneficial outcome. It’s a huge effort by a small group that makes the weekend successful. And most importantly, the money made as a result of the hard work goes right back into the community wherever the need arises.

Thank you, Hugo Lions, for a memorable experience and a peek behind the scene.

Bill Barrett, D.C.

Lino Lakes 


Concerned about Centra Homes proposal 

Centerville City Council has a proposal for 27 row houses on Block No. 7 from Centra Homes. 

Twenty-seven row houses will be crammed into Block No. 7 with 54 parking spaces. The plan, as proposed now, would cut down all the trees to the west and move the trail to the lot line and adjacent to residents’ backyards. There would be an entrance/exit on both Sorel and Heritage Street.

The city of Centerville is exploring the possibility of increasing the population of Centerville to 5,000 with the hopes of gaining $250,000 in State Aid for Local Transportation funds from the state of Minnesota. 

I suggest you call the City Administrator/Engineer for an explanation as to what that is. It is bizarre!

Centerville currently has an approximate population of 4,050. The additional people from the row house population would only increase the population to around 4,104. The city of Centerville has to stuff another 896 people into our city limits.

If the city can do this to Block No. 7, guess what they can do to your neighborhood?

One of the trees to be destroyed is a 160-year-old beautiful slippery elm that has a possible life span of 300 years. Trees equal beauty, shade, comfort, habitat for nature, pleasure, oxygen, etc.

Fifty-four cars equal congestion, dangerous traffic, noise, dirt and poisonous gases released into the air.

Please write and/or attend the city of Centerville council meetings!

Julie Lindsay


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