Cyclists need to slow down

Where were you on Father’s Day about 2:30 p.m.?   Enjoying a family bike ride in Lino Lakes?  If the answer is yes, please read this.  Your speed caused a bodily injury accident to another cyclist.

My wife and I were on our way to join our son and granddaughters for a Father’s Day ride.  There is a short section of multi-use park trail from Sherman Lake Road between Lino Lakes and Centerville.  The trail takes a couple of sharp 90-degree turns. We encountered four adult riders traveling at high speed.  To my wife’s misfortune, she met the first rider in that blind turn.  They both took evasive action avoiding a head on collection. He remained on the trail. She did not. 

Her front wheel dropped off the pavement and she went down. The other three passed by never stopping.  The accident left her with a broken arm and a lot of pain.  She was unable to get up and walk out.  I called 911.

The 911 operator and first responders were responsive, professional and very kind. I didn’t get their names. They deserve a personal thank you. We are very appreciative of their assistance  The first responders were Lino Lakes Police officers. Recently there was a house fire in our neighborhood, again the first responder was a police officer. With all the pressure on police and irresponsible talk of defunding the police, what would I have done if the 911 operator hadn’t picked up or the first responders had not promptly arrived.  

I hope cyclists read this and realize the painful impact of irresponsible speed.  The  speed limit on the park trails is 15 mph.  But any speed beyond your ability to stop is too fast.  That could have been a family with young children, or a walker with a dog.  The injuries could have been much worst.

If you want to ride 15 mph or faster, get off the multi-use trails.  If you can maintain that speed, you are more than capable of safely riding on the roads.  

Pat Branch 


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