Forever ruin the small town of Centerville 

The Centerville City Council has voted 2-3 to allow 27 row houses to be built on Block No. 7, but their concept is really for 39 row houses on Block No. 7, where normally eight houses would be. They will eliminate the two existing houses on Block No. 7: poof, bye bye residents! Why? If the city of Centerville can increase its population to over 5,000, it can collect $250,000 in state aid for local transportation.   

Does that make sense? Most people moved to Centerville for the small-town feel and to escape the congestion, traffic and crime.

I have talked to the people that live around Block No. 7. They do not want 39 row houses on Block No. 7, which would basically be a trailer park with no trees, no lawn and 78 more cars. Where will the dogs that these residents own relieve themselves? Not on their lawns, because they have none. What  about the children? The children will play in the churchyard, and the dogs will relieve themselves in the neighbors’ yards or in the churchyard!

The City Council will say, "YOU ELECTED US AND WE KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR CENTERVILLE!" But do they? The owners of the homes around Block No. 7 don't think so, nor do the residents that signed my petition to stop the packing of Centerville.

The City Council will say they need the revenue, but by the time they pack 5,000 or more into Centerville, our school won't be sufficient, our roads won't be sufficient and crime will come to Centerville! Any tax gains will be lost! 

The dream that "SOME" on the council have of businesses flooding to Centerville with the increased population is just fantasy! You can't compete with Hugo!

The City Council doesn't care about its residents. If you live near any vacant space, BEWARE, the City Council still need to pack another 800 people into Centerville and to forever ruin the small town of Centerville.


Julie Lindsay


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