Press Publications recently sat down with Hugo resident Brooke Nelson to find out more about her recent release of the second young adult suspense novel “Better Luck This Time” in “The Half Theft” duology.

Nelson is currently enrolled at Century College and working toward a bachelor’s degree in business.

Q. How many novels have you written?

A. “Better Luck This Time” is the second of two young adult suspense novels I have penned in “The Half Theft” duology. I published its predecessor on Nov. 1, 2020, placing my new release date exactly 11 months later, on Oct. 1.

Q. What inspired you to write this duology? 

A. I could create a mile-long list of the specifics of my inspiration for “The Half Theft,” but to put it simply, the idea of becoming a storyteller appealed to me. I’ve spent years devouring and doting on everyone else’s stories, whether they be told through ink on paper or through actors on a screen. A few years ago, it finally struck me that I have a million sources of inspiration in my head and no outlet for them. Why not put some to good use?

Q. Provide a brief overview of the main characters and plot. 

A. “The Half Theft” chronicles the story of a young man, Charlie, who becomes entangled in the schemes of the city’s most dangerous criminal family. While on a mission to recover his missing best friend, Elle, he builds an alliance with two cops and a member of the very family he tries most to evade. “Better Luck This Time” picks up right where the former book left off, and follows he and his allies’ last stand to save the city and their lives.

Q. What do you hope readers will gain from the story? 

A. I hope to pass on to my readers just a bit of the joy I have experienced from others’ stories over the years. Everyone should have the opportunity to find a story that truly resonates with them, and characters they can fall in love with. As simple as it sounds, that’s one of the small things in life I will never get enough of.

Q. Who are your favorite authors? 

A. It seems I develop a love for a new author every day lately, but my all-time favorites would have to be Frank Herbert (of “The Dune Chronicles”), Patrick Ness (of the “Chaos Walking” trilogy) and Leigh Bardugo (of the “Grisha” trilogy).

Q. Where can Press readers find your books? 

A. You can find my books on my Amazon author page:

Q. Do you have any plans for future works? 

A. I am in early stages of development on a new, thus far unnamed, young adult thriller. I plan to tie in a bit of fantasy this time.

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— Compiled by Shannon Granholm

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