Student’s art featured in 2019 Fête des Lacs logo

Eighth-grader Cadence Dempsey, a student in Ms. Herrick’s Centennial Middle School art class, was surprised to find out she won the  Fête des Lacs logo contest in a ceremony April 26. Pictured (from left) is Centerville Mayor Jeff Paar, Cadence Dempsey with her parents and volunteer Pat Branch. 

Given the prospect of having her art featured as the new logo for the Fête des Lacs city festival, one eighth-grade art student used her skills and determination to land first place. The ceremony unveiling her winning logo was held April 26.

Cadence Dempsey, a student in Ms. Herrick’s Centennial Middle School art class, will see her logo featured on posters for the 2019 Fête des Lacs festival as well as the 5K/8K T-shirt. Fête des Lacs, or “Festival of Lakes,” is a weeklong community event that honors the city’s Native American and French-Canadian history and promotes residents’ enjoyment of the city’s parks, lakes and trails.

“The art contest is a new Fête des Lacs event. The Centerville City Council has had longstanding objectives of incorporating the local schools, Wargo Nature Center and the lakes in the city’s annual celebration. The logo art contest is our first real attempt to include the students,” said resident and volunteer Patrick Branch, who came up with the idea for the contest.

Out of the 12 entries submitted for the contest, Dempsey’s art was chosen by the Parks and Recreation Committee. “We liked that it really hammered home the theme, “Tribute to the Troops.” We also have a long-running heritage with the Native Americans, which is shown by the little teepee. So that was the award winner,” said Branch.

Branch added the committee had a couple minor things it wanted to change about the winning logo, and Dempsey was more than willing to make the changes. The committee wanted the theme words of “Tribute to the Troops” to be larger and more easy to read, as well as the 5K/8K run piece to be more visible on the logo.

“If any one of you want to be artists, the life lesson here is that sometimes you will find a case where your boss wants you to change (your artwork) … but that doesn’t mean it changes your artistic influence. We made the changes, but (it) still had the artist’s ideas present,” Branch pointed out.

Centerville Middle School Principal Bob Stevens said, “There is respect to the artist, but (we need) to also recognize that the customer is the person that we need to listen to. Listening skills are so important with today’s technology. I value the lesson that has been taught here.”

Dempsey and the runner-up, Cinnia Chan, were presented with a $200 and $100 check, respectively, from Centerville Mayor Jeff Paar. Dairy Queen Dilly Bars were also given to all the students in their classes.

“This was a great idea, and the support we got from the school has been excellent. On top of that, the kids, wow, this is impressive,” Paar said.

Next year, the Fête des Lacs Committee will host two contests for the elementary and middle schools with first- and second-place winners. The logo selected from one of those winners will be used for the 2020 T-shirt and poster art.

This year’s festivities will kick off with Music in the Park on July 16 and end on Sunday, July 21.

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