Hugo family finds Golden Spike after just 3 clues

Hugo residents Erin Jurkovich and her children, 15-year-old Twins Mason and Cleo were successful in finding the Golden Spike this year in McCollar Park.

HUGO — The hunt for the Golden Spike came and went in a blink of an eye this year, as it only took the family who found it three clues to figure out where it was hidden. 

“I would say it was some strategy and some luck,” said Erin Jurkovich, who found Spike with her children, 15-year-old twins Cleo and Mason. 

The family has lived in Hugo since 2005. This was the second time they have searched for the Golden Spike. The Jurkovichs were actually right by the winner back when Spike was found in 2019. “We were really close. We had been hunting for a long time,” Erin recalled. 

Since they were so close to finding Spike last time, the family wanted another chance this year. The day before the hunt started, Erin said her husband mentioned the hunt was starting the following day, and the first three clues were already posted online.

The family read through the first three clues, and thanks to Clue No. 3, Mason had a hunch as to what park Spike was in. 

Clue No. 3 was: 

“Dig not in the parks built for your pleasure 

Not buried nor wettened shall be this treasure 

Look around, on, or under — not over Dad’s shoulder 

46 years, our fun festival is one year older! 

Skip past Lions Park 

Next year from there we’ll embark? 

For now Celebrate Somewhere New  

Thanks to our faithful Lions crew.” 

Mason said it was the “not over dad’s shoulder” that made him think of the collarbone. He then looked at a list of city parks and stumbled across McCollar Park, a newer park located on Fable Hill Parkway in Fable Hill. (Fun fact: Spike was hidden in McCollar Park back in 2018.)

On Friday after Erin got off work, she was walking the dog when she walked by the park. She thought the family better check it out before someone else found it. She grabbed Cleo, and to their surprise, they found it around 8:30 p.m. 

Cleo said the last time they searched for Spike, it was hidden in some trees, so she started searching around trees and found some trees with yellow ribbons tied to them, a tribute to the fact that Hugo is a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Network city. “It was fun to look,” Cleo said. 

“A lot of people didn’t realize (the hunt) started already, which maybe helped us a little bit,” Erin explained. “It was fun when she found it. That total joy, screaming and laughing.” 

As the the official Spike Finders, the family received $600. The twins, who will turn 16 in September, plan to save the money to to help buy a car. 

Fun fact — The Jurkovich’s neighbor, Michael Gerrell, has found Spike twice. The street they live on is now referred to as “Spike Row” by their neighborhood, Heritage Ponds. So of course, the plan is to try to find Spike again next year so that bragging rights stay on Spike Row. 

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