Locals in Hugo and Centerville may have seen disappointing news on social media that the dream of Chef Larry Jiles Jr. is finished. 

Jiles is staying put at 7087 Centerville Road in Centerville for the time being. And he still hopes to open up a family-owned cafe and bakery that will offer a unique gourmet dinner service specializing in delivery and curbside pickup. 

Due to business logistics, however, Jiles feels it's time to update everyone who has been following his progress. The owners of the property at 7087 Centerville Road that Jiles is leasing are putting that space on the market. After all the hard work and money that Jiles and his investors have put into the property, the launch of his business might have to be put on hold until ownership of the property is sorted out and the mechanical structure of the building can be brought up to code. 

“I’m now looking for seriously interested investors to keep my childhood dream alive here in our backyard of downtown Centerville,” Jiles said. 

If you haven't heard by now, Jiles is also known as Chef Hot Hands. He moved to Hugo when he was 13 and graduated from White Bear Lake High School in 2006 with a dream of opening his own restaurant. His style of cooking uses homemade and authentic recipes. And his menus showcase entrees that are low-sodium, gluten-free and created with fresh organic seasonings, herbs and products. He enjoys creating entrees with extraordinary balance between flavors. 

Jiles and his staff have a unique version of curbside pickup and delivery, as well as dinner service. 

Therefore, get ready to add pop to your dinner plans for date night, family dinner or a dinner sent to a family member or friend. You will be able to preorder or order last-minute on his website at ChefHotHands.com.

For more information about how Jiles' dream of launching his gourmet dining enterprise is going, please feel free to reach out via email at chefhothands1@gmail.com or give him a call at 651-528-9394.

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