CENTERVILLE — With the purchase agreement with Midwest Best Water (MBW) signed in March and the closing date one day away, the Centerville City Council formally approved several documents at its June 12 meeting before the big day.

MBW has agreed to purchase a 2.3-acre city-owned parcel at 2061 Commerce Drive, described as Lot 3, Block 1, Clearwater Business Park.

The company has installed water machines in 2,200 super markets in 14 states from which consumers can fill their own containers. The business, which ran out of space in its former Lino Lakes headquarters, sought to own its own facility for assembly and interior storage of its products for wholesale distribution.

Before City Administrator Mark Statz and City Attorney Kurt Glaser could be appointed to attend the closing on the city's behalf, and before Mayor Jeff Paar could sign any administrative documents necessary for closing, the council as a unit needed to sign Resolution 19-016 authorizing conveyance of property. “This resolution authorizes all the other resolutions and is required by state law,” Glaser explained.

That resolution approved several actions pertaining to the sale of city-owned property on Commerce Drive at the same time. It gives final authorization to sell the property, authorizes the mayor to sign administrative documents necessary for closing and appoints the city administrator and attorney to attend the closing and execute any final documents that could be needed between the June 12 meeting and June 13 closing. 

To itemize, the resolution authorizes the following: the conveyance of real property; the Bring Down Certificate that says any promises the city made on insurance when it signed the purchase agreement are the same as on day of closing; the Certificate of Non-Foreign Status saying that if the city of Centerville is not a U.S. citizen it has to say so; the warranty deed that gives ownership and the sellers affidavit that says the city has the power to make the transaction.

As a document that needed its own motion and vote, the council also approved the easement revision in advance of the sale closing with MBW. The easement revision was needed because the proposed MBW parking lot encroaches on a Rice Creek Watershed District (RCWD) easement. After a discussion among the city, the RCWD and MBW, all parties agreed the encroachment would be acceptable, and an amended easement agreement was produced and approved. 

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