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When Fletcher Driscoll was 12, his life flashed before his eyes as he headed for an ice heave on White Bear Lake. He was piloting an 18-foot Skeeter, a Formula One race car on blades. 

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A flag was first carried into battle on Sept. 11, 1777, in the Battle of the Brandywine. The American flag was first saluted by foreign naval vessels on Feb. 14, 1778, when the Ranger, bearing the Stars and Stripes and under the command of Captain Paul Jones, arrived in a French port. The fl…

As the 2019 fishing and boating season gets underway, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is continuing and expanding a multi-faceted approach to combating the spread of starry stonewort, an aquatic invasive species.

In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-day, we are running a column by Ernie Pyle, considered one of history’s greatest war correspondents. His column, written six days after the Normandy invasion, and photographs of Pyle, have been made available by the National Newspaper Association…



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