WHITE BEAR TOWNSHIP — A day care and boarding facility for dogs is coming to the township.

The Town Board approved zoning ordinance amendments and a conditional use permit for the facility, titled Camp Bow Wow, at 4843 White Bear Pkwy. The previous tenant in that space was the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Camp Bow Wow would be owned and managed by Jeff and Diana Hall, who own another Camp Bow Wow location in Burnsville. There are more than 155 Camp Bow Wow locations in North America.

Camp Bow Wow will provide training and grooming services and will stock retail pet supplies.

Pet parents will be able to make reservations for the facility. The building will be staffed appropriately for the number of dogs; anywhere from four to 10 employees could be on site during a shift, Diana Hall said.

At the Burnsville Camp Bow Wow, the building averages 65 dogs per day, added Hall. Indoors, a ratio of one employee to 15 dogs is planned. In the outdoor play area, that ratio would be one employee to 25 dogs. Camp Bow Wow staff will regularly exercise the dogs.

Though the building will be monitored 24/7 with video cameras, staff will be on site from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. As part of the facility’s conditional use permit approval, staff will be required to be on site during Township Days and the Fourth of July, when there are fireworks.

Dogs will be screened for aggressive behavior before being allowed at Camp Bow Wow and separated in play areas by size and temperament. Any dog older than six months old will be required to be neutered or spayed.

“Camp counselors,” or Camp Wow Wow employees, are to be trained in pet safety and CPR.

Boarding dogs will sleep at night in individual cabins with a cot, blanket, water and toys. Dogs from the same family will be allowed to share a cabin for a discount. 

The proposed plan has about 120 kennels, as well as indoor and outdoor play areas and training, grooming, meeting, lobby and office spaces.

“We look forward to seeing you out there,” said Chair Bob Kermes.

In other action at the regular Sept. 5 meeting, the board:

• Approved an additional driveway at 2363 Taylor Ave. The driveway would connect to Taylor Avenue.

• Denied a motion to approve a minor subdivision at 5513 and 5515 West Bald Eagle Blvd. in order to get more information on the parcels and the request. The homeowners are requesting that the property, which currently has two homes on it, be split into two parcels.

• Held a closed session for about 30 minutes to discuss the White Bear Lake litigation and the ongoing litigation regarding the property on Portland Avenue.

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