HUGO — After Uptown Girl Cupcakes & Desserts closed shop in White Bear Lake, a local resident had to decide what was next in her baking adventure. 

Robin Udstuen worked at Uptown Girl for two and a half years under Melynda Harjes. “I learned a lot from her,” she said. Harjes closed the shop in May as the business was interfering with her other job. 

Udstuen thought about potentially becoming a baker at a store, but didn’t want to join a “cookie cutter” production. She also wanted to make sure that whatever direction she went, she would not interfere with her and her husband John’s other business, off-brand snack food distributing. After some encouragement from Harjes, her husband, and friends and family, she decided to open up a business in her home and named it Sugar Fairy. 

Although Udstuen has always considered herself a cook, her love of baking developed when she was planning for her youngest son’s high school graduation party. “I started making different flavors each weekend and we would have a couple friends over to try them. I had them put them in ‘yes or no’ piles. Well, everything ended up in the ‘yes’ pile,” she said. “It was really fun after you got through the stress of everything.” She made 17 different kinds of cupcakes and arranged them into a football display. 

Sugar Fairy has been up and running for a little over a month. The name Sugar Fairy was her youngest son’s idea. “We had a shared space (at Uptown Girl) and shared a hallway and bathroom. We would have sugar on our feet and track it through the building, and another store owner would post notes on the door asking for the sugar fairies to wipe their feet.” 

Under a city cottage license, Udstuen is able to bake in her home for people, but cannot sell wholesale. She can also bring her cupcakes to events as long as they are pre-packaged in her home. 

In addition to the 50-plus flavors of cupcakes (with homemade fillings), Udstuen also makes cheesecakes, tarts, bars, cookies, cakes and is also exploring pupcakes (cupcakes for dogs) and cake pops. She also specializes in gluten-free and vegan cupcakes and can create dairy-free and low-carb treats. 

“You name it, I will do it. I will give anything a try,” she said. 

The most gratifying part of the business is seeing her customers’ reactions to her work. “I like when people come and they are so smiley and happy,” she said. “There is nothing like when they come in and leave with a six-pack or a cake and have a huge smile on their face.” 

She also really enjoys trying out new flavors and decorations and trying new things. In October, she is looking forward to making a candy variety pack of cupcakes and experimenting with glow-in-the-dark frosting for Halloween. 

For more information about Sugar Fairy, find Sugar Fairy on Facebook or contact Udstuen at or 651-485-9774. 


Editor Shannon Granholm can be reached at 651-407-1227 or

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